Tips to choose Flat Fee MLS Broker

Tips to choose Flat Fee MLS Broker

sell by owner homes Gone are the days when you had to mandatorily list your property with a full-service listing agent if you wanted to reap the benefits of MLS. MLS or Multiple Listing System is an internet took where the homeowners can list their property and get connected with interested buyers. This national website covers all of United States America and gets as many as 6 million visitors every month. Thanks to the changing times and growth of sell by owner homes, one can even get an MLS listing for a low flat fee. If you are also looking to rope in a flat fee agent, you should insist on these terms for a fair contract.

There should be a cancellation clause

You may either choose an open listing or side with exclusive agency listing but in both the case, you would be able to find a buyer for your home without any extra commission. By adding a cancellation clause to you arrangement, you can always get out of the contract without incurring any penalties.

Your flat fee agent should forward you all buyer inquiries

When you involve a flat fee real estate broker, do ensure that they are forwarding all the MLS inquiries to you. Public websites do not reveal the seller information but only flat fee agent’s details which they are likely to take advantage of.

Proper listing on MLS

Your agent should list your property on appropriate online portals as per your respective city like Oklahoma or country like US. You should also take assurance that your listing will also reflect on secondary MLS websites for greater exposure.

You should be able to make changes to your listing

Make this clear with your flat fee agent that you can make changes to your listing. For example, if you want to change the location description from Broken Arrow Oklahoma City to homes for sale in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, it should be allowed.

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