Ten Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home

Ten Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a big responsibility and requires not just skill but also knowledge of the market, lengthy paper work, legal implications etc. There are also many people that opt for selling a house by owner and avoid hiring a realtor for the job. If you are amongst these people then these best secrets will come in handy when you put your home on the market.

#10: Put the right price on your property

This is one of the most common mistakes all homeowners make when they are pricing their home. It is important to review the market trends and research the worth of all the homes in your area. Whatever is the ongoing price, reduce 15-20% to generate genuine bids.

#9: Organize your cabinets

Every home buyer is looking for additional storage and it will never be enough. The trick is to clear half of the closet and organize it properly so that it looks more spacious. Keep your cabinets and closets neat and tidy.

#8: Use a lot of light

When a home is properly lit up, it exudes warmth and positive vibes. Make sure that your home receives enough natural light so pull up the drapes and let it flow in through the windows. You can also change the lampshades or increase the wattage of the bulbs. These simple methods will make your house look brighter and cheery.

#7: Know the market

If you hire a broker for sale of your house, make sure that they are completely informed and well versed with the market. However, if you are sell home by owner type then you need to this all by yourself and keep a constant check on the multiple listing service. Be tech savvy and do your homework well by reviewing for sale by owner websites that will give you deeper insight and knowledge.

#6: Keep the pets away
If you are conducting an open house, make sure that your pets are away for the day. Not everyone is a dog or a cat lover and may not like to see dog food around the house or pet hair strewn along the place.

#5: Be reasonable with upgrades


Giving your home last minute face lifts can be helpful in getting buyers interested. However, over spending on home improvement just before your house goes on the market will not pay off that well. Instead, choose the updates that will pay for itself in full by increasing the market price of the house.

#4: Depersonalize your home

When you do not choose a broker and go for sell by owner technique, you need to know that your home needs to look like a house that someone else can imagine living into. If you personalize the space too much then the buyers may not be able associate themselves with it. Remove all the memorabilia, family photos and other collection and place it elsewhere.

#3: Sell your Kitchen First

When you sell your house, the most important part that sells first is the kitchen. This is the reason why you must consider remodeling your kitchen and be sure to get back 85% of it. However, the cheapest fix to kitchen updates is changing the cabinets, wall paints and new hardware. Leave it neutral for the buyer to imagine their own touches in the house.

#2: Always be prepared to show the house

When your house on the market, keep it show ready as you never know when a buyer comes by for a quick look. Ensure that the house is in tip top shape and is ready to receivers always. Leave every part of the house spotless clean.

#1: First impression is the last impression

Regardless of how your home looks right now, the judgment has already been made by the buyer, even before he walks inside that door. Make the space feel warm, welcoming and safe so that the first impression is the only impression.

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