Selling your Home without Broker in Oklahoma City

Selling your Home without Broker in Oklahoma City

There can be many reasons for selling your home, such as financial constraints, or relocation to another city because of the job. Whatever be the reasons, selling a home is certainly not easy. You may estimate the price and hope to buy another home elsewhere. But there may be many things that you may not have taken into accounts such as taxes, seller’s closing costs, and buyer’s closing costs apart from costs of repairs and brokerage.

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Selling with Broker

The brokerage can be a substantial part of that sales consideration which you receive or are about to receive. If you are planning on selling your home, you might want to confirm on those rates. Broker’s commission rates differ from one city to another as well as one locality to another. Brokers have access to different markets, through various websites. Therefore, if you put your home for sale in Oklahoma, you could find somebody from Australia enquiring about it.

Selling Directly

But some of these websites also let homeowners sell their homes directly, actually avoiding brokers and agent’s costs. The relevant listing clearly identifies such sale as a sale by owner. For example, a sale of a home in Oklahoma City would be mentioned as a sale by owner Oklahoma City. There are risks associated with such sales since the homeowner would have to do the due diligence. But if the seller is conversant with the drill, then there can be substantial savings too.

Repairing and Landscaping Effect

It is always better to fix the home completely and paint it before putting it up for sale, especially if the home requires major repairs such as roof repair. This reduces the chance of extracting more from the homeowner towards such repair costs or beating down the price. Landscaping is another factor that can influence the decision of the buyer. Impressive landscaping, which is well maintained is the first thing that impresses prospective buyers, and first impressions are lasting impression. The buyer may overlook or adjust with many things because of such satisfaction with the outdoors.


It is not necessary that every home be sold through brokers. Homeowners can also choose to list their properties. However, they need to do their homework well to ensure that they get a good deal and genuinely save the substantial amount they would have spent on broker’s commission.

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