Reasons to Look for When your Home is Not Selling

Reasons to Look for When your Home is Not Selling

Logo-tp-vijiya It is not as simple to sell your house by owner in US, as we’d like to think. The real challenge arises when despite listing your home on top ‘for sale by owner sites’ of United States, you still have not been able to seal the deal. It gets especially taxing when you have had one home viewer after another but not a single purchase offer. Here are some of the reasons that you can look into that may have inadvertently led to the failure of catching on the buyer’s interest in your property.

Home in bad condition

You don’t have to be a part of 90% homes that have failed miserably to sell in the market but in the shining 10%. Always use the homes in the top 10% bracket as your benchmark. If you have worn out carpeting in your home while the other homes in your neighbourhood have plush carpeting then your home will not sell over that one.

Not listed well on the internet.

Internet listing of your property entails that you clearly mention all the details related to your home along with neat and visible pictures. Shoot wide angles and keep your home up to date when you hire a photographer for a photo shoot.

Weak marketing initiatives

When you are selling your home yourself, you need to get your property out there. Home is Not Selling If you have not got too much attention yet, chances are that your home is not that visible online or otherwise. Use smart keywords like home for sale in Broken Arrow Oklahoma; find your dream home in Broken Arrow Oklahoma City, Home sold by owner in Oklahoma etc. Not only must you cover the internet marketing strategies but also focus on other techniques like printing collaterals, fliers, emails, MLS etc.

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