Get Best Results from Do-it-yourself Home Staging

Get Best Results from Do-it-yourself Home Staging


If you are wondering about ‘how do you sell a house by owner’ then you are not alone. There are many people these days that would like to enjoy larger profits on the sale of their property and eliminate the middle agents altogether. If you belong to this category then you must know that home staging is an important part of sell by owner homes process. Most home owners are so closely connected with their homes that they unwittingly make it impossible for the new potential ones to imagine a life for themselves without feeling like an intruder. Here are some tips to stage your home yourself to get a good price.

Remove any personal touches

The day you made the decision that you would like to sell your home, this is when you should start to train yourself mentally and emotionally that it no longer is your safe haven but a product in the market. Remove all those garish colours from the walls that were your personal preference and take down all the family pictures so that you leave enough room for your buyers to be able to substitute you in this property. Too much you will act as a deterring factor.

Replace all the old furniture and old appliances

Give your home reasonable update and make it more modern in its appearance. You can also rent upscale furniture to create the ambience that your buyers will feel most comfortable in. Don’t keep obsolete appliances as they can reduce the value of the house.

Seek honest opinions from friends and family

We all have a jaded opinion about something that belongs, especially so in case of your home that you built over the years, brick by brick. This is the reason you need an unbiased opinion of people that can tell you honestly what needs to be changed in the house to stand a better chance.

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