7 Ways to Sell Your House without an Agent

7 Ways to Sell Your House without an Agent

Mostly prefer to sell their home by a broker. However, there are also some that would prefer home sell by owner. Such people make a lot more in profit but need step by step guidance for doing it right. Here are the 7 ways to sell your house without hiring a broker.


1. Do your Homework before taking the plunge

If you are still contemplating about hiring a broker to sell your house or do that yourself, you need to do your homework by seeking advice and guidance from existing fsbo realty specialists. By knowing the right technique and tricks of the trade, you can earn more from the deal and also avoid paying the 6% realtor fee.

2. Determine the right time to sell your house

There are times of the year when sale of new homes go up and it is far more profitable to sell in that period. However, it may vary from one location to another and related events in your city. There are people that suggest that to list your home soon after super bowl is a good time. As per the statistics, it is a bad idea to list your home when the school has started because nobody would want their children to change schools in mid-semester. Also, don’t forget the weather as that too is likely to impact the buying decision.

3. Make your home buyer-ready

When you are looking for suggestions and helpful tips to make your home ready to receive buyers then you can do a quick research on for sale by owner sitestogetsome insight. The main process of making your home show ready begins with de-cluttering that opens up your space so that it looks roomy. Selling or donating some of the stuff is a good step to begin de-cluttering your house. Also consider taking the home out of your house. It is important to remove all your personal touches so that it looks available to be taken over. While doing all this, do not ignore the importance of curb appeal which should suit the weather. Most importantly, make your home look protected and secure all your valuable belongings in a safer location. It is not a good idea to tail the buyers when they are taking a look around the house.

4. Be aware of the paperwork and handouts

Once the deal has been sealed, it is important that all the paperwork is validated by a reputed attorney immediately. The deed must be prepared properly so that it protects yours, seller’s, interests. When you are passing on the ownership of the property, make sure that all is done in proper manner. You can also instigate the buyer to invest in buyer’s title insurance policy which will exempt you from responsibility to fix it if there is a problem in the title later. If you are required to make any disclosures, learn about them before hand. Selling a house by ownermeans that you need to be aware of all these things on your own. Check out FSBO website to see the list of items that must be disclosed at the time of sale.

5. When it is Open-House

Make your home well exposed and let the buyers see every nook and cranny of your property with confidence. Don’t forget to add a sign in the front yard which is the cheapest way to attract buyers, not to mention other guerilla methods like flyers, word of mouth, advertisements etc. Don’t forget to use the power of internet to list your home on reputed sites.

6. After the deal closes

Once you have a genuine buyer, learn how to accept the offer he is making. Do not accept anything that is not written. Once the parties agree on a price, it is time to read the offer and sign a contract to be evaluated by an attorney. Don’t hide anything that will come up in inspection. It can be the biggest cause of many contracts falling apart. Be ready for anything that can be a deal breaker but be ready with your prompt answer to see the deal go through till the end. Will strongly recommend to have a glimpse of the houses in the Oklahoma city.

7. Vacating the property

When you are packing up and ready to leave, make sure that all your pending bills have been paid off in full so that the new owners can start with a clean slate!

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